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I have a 99.9% all original unrestored Triumph TR6SS 1962, 3500 miles, for sale. You can contact me at

$10,00.00 US .

In September of 2000 I was looking for a tricycle for my two year old going on three. I stopped in at a mom and pop bicycle store on the northwest side of Chicago; I found a bike I liked and purchased it. I am a state cop in Illinois and I was in my uniform. After the transaction the old man, Andy, told me that he was a Triumph dealer during the 50s and 60s and that he had a motorcycle left in his stock and wanted to know how to sell it, being that it was titled in the original dealership's name it was out of the ordinary transfer. I told him what he had to do. I asked him what kind of bike and how much and I purchased it on the spot. He sold it new in 1962, took it back on trade in 1964, and it sat until I bought it. Additionally, he told me that he had a room full of motorcycle parts for sale; I purchased the parts and eventually sold them.

I brought the bike to a well respected Triumph mechanic: Dales Cycle in Walworth WI to get the bike started. It starts in two or three kicks. I have never ridden a motorcycle until I drove this one. I do not have a motorcycle classification to drive one. My hope is to use what I get for this bike to purchase a hot rod; something I would drive. I have much more: as far as the complete tool kit with the neck lock, original advertisements from that year, as well as parts for the bike I took out from the inventory prior to selling the rest.

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