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The Search For The Gaffers Gallop

Hello. I wonder if you could possibly help me.

A TV company flew in from New Zealand late last year to interview me as the author of "Travelling With Mr. Turner".

It turns out that one of the characters in my book who took part in a motorcycle ride sponsored and filmed by ESSO in 1953, had a double life and they have made a documentary about him to be broadcast on prime time TV.

Triumph's Edward Turner rode from Lands End to John O Groats on a 149cc Triumph Terrier in 1953 as a publicity stunt. However one of the directors who travelled with him had absconded from the Indian army (and much else), reinvented himself at Triumph Motorcycles. The difficulty is we can't say too much about what happened because the family haven't yet been told and all this is going to be filmed.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is to see if you can help me find the film of the ride known as the Gaffers Gallop. I have turned over my website - to finding the film. It is of course the 60th anniversary year of the Gaffers Gallop so it would be great to find the film in any event. However, I have to find it in the next 6 weeks if it is to feature in the documentary. Can you put out an appeal?

It's a needle in a haystack search and the only real chance I've got is if goes viral - I know you should be careful what you wish for but please feel free to pass on or link the site to as many people as you feel may have an interest. I hope that all will enjoy the period photographs in any event. To that end I haven't compromised on the quality of the photographs and consequently they take a couple of seconds to download.

A slightly unorthodox request, but I would be grateful for any help and hope you enjoy the photographs in any event.

Best wishes,
Nigel C Winter