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1944 British War Department BSA Model M20

Sold 09/02/2021

I have a 1944 British War Department, BSA Model M20 motorcycle that is fully operable and with a few exceptions, is in original condition. I have extensive documentation, including the assignment of this unit to the British Army of the Rhine. I would like very much to sell it to someone who appreciates all that she represents.

The paint is fine but the color tint is not absolutely correct. I have replaced the air control level and the petrol taps plus a new Burlen/Amal 276 carb, copper head gasket and Dunlap “Retro” tires. The seat and pillion covers are showing their age and the pannier bags may not be original but they do look correct. I will also note that it is pretty temperamental starting, but what old girl isn’t.

I feel $6,000 USD is a fair price but I will entertain other offers. I will also include my Dispatch Rider helmet, gloves, goggles, Witworth Standard tools, service manuals and a box of spare odds and ends.