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1974 Triumph Bonneville T140V

Sold 02/13/2018

1974 Triumph Bonneville T140V. Asking price $5,500.
The bike has been rebuilt from the ground up and has clear title..

crankshaft dynamically balanced to 74%. New main bearings and crankpin shells. New piston rings on the +50 pistons, cylinder walls deglazed.
Amal carb. bodies bored out to remove scoring and throttle valve (slide) machined undersize and steel sleeve fitted. Ground to original clearances. See photos.
New clutch plates.
Gearbox opened up for inspection everything was in good condition except for the main shaft bearing which was a bit noisy and was replaced.
Boyer electronic ignition fitted.
Inline cartridge oil filter fitted to the return line.
Tympanium solid state regulator/rectifier fitted.

Cycle Parts:
The frame cracked where the seat and tank come together just below the reinforcing gusset plate. This plate was cut out, the crack repaired by TIG welding, a new slightly heavier gauge stainless steel gusset plate fitted in the original location and an additional gusset plate fitted underneath the rear subframe. The repaired area is located between the two plates and is now fully supported with no subsequent oil leakage. (oil in frame). See photos.
Fork seals renewed.
Steering head and wheel bearings cleaned found in good condition, greased and replaced.
All nuts, bolts and washers replaced with stainless steel
New front brake pads and rear brake shoes.
New final drive chain.
New stainless luggage rack.
New dual seat.
LED daytime running lights fitted either side of the headlight.
New mirrors and indicators complete.
New Dunlop K70 rear tire.
New AGM maintenance free battery.
Reverse Cone mufflers fitted. See photos.
The paintwork received some touch-up to some small damaged areas but overall is in good condition, probably original. The tank paint (original) has some damaged areas suitably camouflaged with small decals.

The bike runs great, starts first time and the tick over is steady as a rock thanks to the carb. modification. I have put about 700 miles on the bike since the rebuild and the balancing of the crankshaft has improved the vibration problems beyond my expectations. The bike not only handles well but no longer shakes your teeth fillings loose!