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1979 Yamaha XT500

I’ve owned this bike for many decades since 1981. There are aprox 12000 KM on it. It has many white brothers components as well as many modifications. It has 10.5 forged piston track camshaft big valve head ported and polished. 38 mikuni carb.

Custom polished aluminum parts as well as chrome parts from different make bikes. It has an oil cooler with a large exhaust rocker oil line and oil temp gauge. It has 18” rims front and back. Bronze valve guides. Chain case case saver and Custom seat. Solid aluminum Bars 36” wide with 6” rise.

Comes with a chrome shotgun exhaust installed as well as a brand new never used hooker Header. Comes with 2 additional New TT rims with new studded knobbies. Comes with extra engine as well. Shocks are off cx 500 Honda. Side covers and skid plate are custom made.

This bike is very fast compared to the stock TT 500 I had with jetting filter and hooker. It is sproketed so It will cruse wide open throttle all day long never nearing the redline. I had 9 yamahas in total and was saving this one for my son. He will no longer need it.

I shipped a mint SR to Michigan and a mint TT to Toronto. Crating can be considered on my terms just like the sale will be. On My terms. I don’t want time wasters or scammers as u cannot scam me so don’t waste our time. My Terms. I sold 6 last year as a package deal.

This is very dependable and a show stopper. I have had chances to sell and refused but now is the time. I’m 62 and have a Triumph Speedmaster I don’t have time to use so decided to finally sell the thumper and the price is 5000.00 Canadian dollars.

You can reach me at or 506-850-0185 Dave Moncton New Brunswick Canada. The price is the price and well worth every dollar. It works and looks like new and is stored in heated storage properly. This bike is very agile and handles like a dream. U will not see another. Picture enclosed. No disappointments.