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1972 Norton Commando Interstate Combat 750

I am the second owner of this 1972 Norton Commando Interstate Combat 750 I have owned it since 1978

bike has New exhaust pipes, dunstall mufflers put on in 78, new seat, new tires Dunlop K81 TT100 4.10-19, front brake improvement kit from andover norton in uk

new seat, carbs rebuilt with new #3 slides, new floats, wet finger ticklers, fuel tank sealed with caswell two part epoxy sealer, 16500 miles, parts, service, riders manuals, spare parts could be included

New Barnett clutch with driveplates, fiber plates and pressure plate, new Lucas points, front pads, rear shoes, rear brake cush hub buffers, rear brake cable, rear brake light switch and more


email is
phone 217 840 8538

bike is in Champaign IL.