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Estate Sale: Four (4) Concours Quality Vintage BSA Motorcycles

To: Museums, Clubs, Collectors, and Collectors who are friends of Collectors.

The undersigned are representing the estate of our good friend, Mr. Gene Davis, locally known as, “Mr. BSA.” The estate includes four (4) Concours Quality Vintage BSA Motorcycles, with Parts, and Memorabilia.

Please take a look at the attached (very amateur) photos and documents and let us know if you have interest in the collection. Additional (and better) photographs of the bikes and of his extensive parts and memorabilia can be made available.

Gene has requested we make every effort to sell the collection as one unit, preferably to a museum or a single collector.

The asking price for the complete collection of Bikes, Parts, and Memorabilia is $89,000.

If this collection is not of interest to you or your organization please feel free to forward this email to any other collectors or museums who you feel may be interested. We would like to get as wide a distribution as possible.


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