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1974 Greeves 380 QUB Desert Griffon

1974 Greeves 380 QUB Desert Griffon. We have had this bike for approx. 10 years, always stored inside, but never started or ridden. Having done nothing with it during this time period, it is now time to move it along to a more deserving owner. Bike is in the same condition as when we bought it.

A quick cursory check reveals no ignition spark currently, and rubber boot between carb and airbox is cracking & splitting. Kicking compression test reveals 120# after the engine sitting idle for a decade or more. Chain & cables could use replacing, and Ceriani forks feel like they do not currently have any oil in them. A J&R spark arrestor tip has been added to the pipe. There are some nicks & scuffs in metalflake fiberglass tank finish, and fenders have some small flaws, but overall this bike is still in very presentable condition.

Bike is located in Roswell, New Mexico. Asking a firm $2500 as-is, where is. This bike is definitely priced right, need this one to find a good new home. Thanks for looking!

John Bergener