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1972 Norton Commando Fastback

Sold 09/30/2020

I have a Norton Commando that I would like to sell. I also have quite a few additional Norton parts including two rebuilt gearboxes and another nearly complete engine (serial number 200466). I believe my Norton may be unique and would prove to be a bargain for a Norton enthusiast.

I bought the bike new in 1973 in London, England. I have the original bill of sale. It is a Fastback model with the date of manufacture fixed to the steering head as December 1971 (serial number 200136 so that makes it a 1972 model 750) and has 15,263 miles on it with me as the sole rider. It has never needed or had a rebuild and it still has the original set of points. It will start on the third kick.

Cosmetically it looks pretty close to showroom condition with no rust and all the chrome is perfect. The decals are intact on the tank and tailpiece. I have replaced things like coils, spark plugs and brakes over the years but nothing major has been required.

I have made some modifications to it. I changed the twin carb system to a single carb and re-jetted that. I removed the air cleaner and installed a velocity stack and screen on the carburator. It also does not have the original turn signals but the switches are in place and they will work if anyone wanted to put turn signals on it. It has clip-on handle bars and a rear set shifter and brake pedal. For most of its life I lived in Southern California and so installed a new BSA Rocket Three oil cooler on it. I took it off when I moved but I still have that as well.

In addition to the bike I have the original tool kit complete that came with the bike. I also have a complete set of Norton Villiers workshop tools except a main bearing race extractor. I have a complete Workshop Manual from Norton Villiers for the 750 and complete parts lists for 750 and 850 Commandos both, and a Tech Digest from the International Norton Owners Association (US and Canada) circa 1988, and Norton Repair Notes from the Norton Owners Club of England from 1997. It may be of interest to anyone who might want the bike that I also have two original Rider’s Manuals, two salesroom brochures for 750 and 850 Commandos, two Gus Kuhn (England) accessory catalogues from the 1970’s, and various correspondence letters with Norton Villiers so the history of this bike is extensive and complete.

The brand new extras I have are:

Boyer electronic ignition
Barnett friction plate
21 tooth countershaft gearbox sprocket
Rear stoplight switch
Two new clutch cables
Amal Carb main jets: 220,300,340,350,360,370,380,390,400,420

The used parts I have are:

750 engine (serial 200466) complete (I believe) in parts
Oil Tank
Oil Cooler from BSA Rocket Three
750 Swinging Arm
850 Swinging Arm
One muffler
Clutch and brake levers
Two rebuilt gearboxes complete
Amal carburator L930
Two carburator spacers
Gear shift lever
Three sets of support plates
All engine/primary chain cases
Miscellaneous bulbs, nuts, bolts, washers, reflectors, gaskets, etc.

I would like $10,000 CAD for the bike and $1500 for the extra parts. I just checked Commando prices in Ontario and many are asking a lot more so my selling price is firm and I believe very reasonable. If anyone wants the bike or the parts they will have to organize for a pick up and crating. Alternatively they could come and pick it up themselves.

I can supply more photos of the bike and the parts if anyone is interested.

I am attaching some photos of the bike in my heated basement where it has been stored for the last few years.