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1971 BSA Rocket Three Mk II

Sold 05/29/2022

1971 BSA Rocket Three Mk II. Original/stock non-restored condition other than the red paint. I Purchased this from a good friend of mine in 1975 who purchased it from the famous Nicholson brothers motorcycle shop in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. J. B. (Bernie) Nicholson Being the author of “Modern Motorcycle Mechanics”. This Rocket 3 is serial number eleven!! ( S/N’s start at 101). KE00111 A75R (matching).

The last time I drove it I detected some clutch slippage which is my only concern otherwise reliable AND a very strong performer. I also have some spares and books as well that are included.

Note - the fellow in the one pic is the Mechanic at Nicholsons that set up the bike when it was uncrated from the factory!!
$18,995 CAD ($14,995 US)