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1975 Norton E-Start Commando

Updated 07/04/2019

Selling my 1975 E-Start with 36,000 miles on odometer, but there was ovh done and he zeroed it from 12,000 (Nisonger) The two weak points of the E-Start have been dealt with, The cam was removed and replace, the layshaft bearing removed and replaced.

Electric starter is 4 brush conversion but still only for warm starts Motor assembled with stainless hardware, aluminum parts polished Drilled disks that stop well with little pressure foot or hand.

Two finger clutch and brake, Venhill cables through out bike No smoke No drips, Hard Chrome CNC slides and stay up floats on carbs When you open her up you better have your line picked out I am a licensed Aircraft Mechanic and restored motor/tranny.

Denver CO