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Norton Commando 850 E-Start

Updated 07/04/2019

Selling my low milage E Start, 15,000 miles, it’s a beauty and rides like it too! I am second owner. Eng/Frame # 325324 S/N on r/h frame neck 850 F125899, this is the number on a clear title in my name.

Soft cam and bad layshaft bearing removed and replaced, this was the problem with most E-Starts JS Corrillo Iron Rods with short pistons installed, radiuse cam and lifters installed, big exh valve installed. The paint job must have 10 coats of clear, very nice! Four brush conversion on starter, works great! Carbs have CNC Hard Chrome slides with VenHill cables through out.

Fairly new tires, chain is good, brakes are new and great, stopping well with light pressure foot and hand Two finger clutch, getting 46 MPG, open her up and you better have your course line planned!

Denver CO