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1969 BSA Victor Special 441

You can get a bike that looks like this for ½ the price. Why pay $8,000 for this one? {Please don’t contact if you cannot.} This is not a trailer princess, it’s a rider, mechanically restored. I paid $6,000 USA and transported it from Kansas City, Missouri to central British Columbia. It ran well. Engine and frame numbers match.

Then, the frame was disassembled, sanded and painted. (There was no rust.)

New front and rear tires, tubes and brake pads
New front rim
New fork stanchions, sleeves and bushes, seals
New handlebar clamps, tank gasket
Tachometer drive, tach & mount (not standard originally)
New tach and speedometer cables
*New speedometer drive head
*New clutch (*both replaced twice due to inferior new parts returned to dealer)
New alternator/ stator bolts, new battery
New Branston electronic ignition
New piston, wrist pin, rings; re-bored to first oversize
New push rods & sleeves
Head ported and valves ground
New kickstart spring
New 18 tooth primary drive sprocket. Original 17 tooth sprocket still OK
New rear wheel sprocket
New seat cover, air filters

Engine work was done or supervised by Wayne Maxam of Prince George British Motorcycle Club (he owned about 10 BSAs at the time). Engine was run in carefully. Carburetor main jet increased as spark plug deposits showed too light.
Comes with all the original stuff (points, speedometer housing, etc.) Also complete new decal set (paint and decals on tanks are original), new tail light lens, Whitworth wrenches, Haynes manual, original owner’s booklet.

Quesnel B.C.