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1970 BSA Lightning

Updated 11/07/2018

folks...…..This BSA is a lightning...…….but you know that....but this makes it interesting. it is a one owner bike, showing 19000 miles ,it speedo is broken. I was a bmw dealer for 30 years, and still buy and sell motorcycles and car..vintage………..

a friend asked me to sell this bike...….but having little luck. I can tell you the kick starter is weak..but I think it is a spring. the man was riding it up to a couple years ago. all you see is original except for the rear fender...replace in 80's because it cracked from vibration.

I can send more picks if you are interested. if I get involved...with owners permission..a trade for old bmw might work.

engine and frame original, one owner bike. pic of frame number will not up load. the bike is in st. louis mo. in my garage. I was a bmw dealer for many years in st. louis, and restored many bms many with a steib sidecar.

I would never restored a motorcycle this original. shipping easy. title yes. I will get a copy today, and can text it to you. I think the price is very fair.

call with questions.

November update: Price down to only $3000.00. Stock. cell 314 346 6893