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Triumph Bonneville Special

One owner, bought new, owner had 2 other Bonneville 750's to ride daily so only used the Special a few times a year. The bike was always well kept and serviced. The last two years the owner became ill and did not store it properly.

The bike looks fantastic, but there is some pitting in some of the chrome and the frame paint has some bubbling in spots (most 79's had this problem from the factory), I did some touch work up here and there, I recently drained the gas (gas tank is clean inside), cleaned the carburetors, changed the oil and installed a new battery, starts one or two kicks and idles nicely, it runs very well, clutch and transmission also work great, all electrics work, the bike had new tires, brake hoses and stainless master cylinders about 5 years ago, the bike is a lot of fun to ride, It is not 100% perfect, but is in very nice condition.

Port Washington, NY