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1914-15 Triumph H with Wicker Side Car

Sold 09/02/2021

Notes taken from appraiser:

Special Features:

The builder and restorer, a fan of unique and unusual British cars and motorcycles, finished and maintained this vehicle for his driving amusement. An accomplished engineer, he acquired the motorcycle from a museum to specifically to build a functioning brass era British bike.

In 1914 the British Government replaced messengers on horses with dispatch riders on motorcycles. The Triumph Model H was selected. With the rear wheel driven by a belt, the Model H was fitted with a 499 cc air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine. More than 30,000 Triumph Model H motorcycles had been produced by the end of the war in 1918. The Model H became known as 'The Trusty' as it proved reliable in wartime conditions.

Engine: The engine #37878 was rebuilt after acquisition. The engine has been “driver proven” with a very reliable track record. Kick start.

Frame: The frame #218144 is intact with minimal wear and oxidation without rust or corrosion. The exhaust components all appear sound, no surface rust or damage; good clamps and connects. The suspension all appears sound and suitable, In good to very good condition.

Controls: The controls are intact and in good working order.

Exterior: The seat and bags are intact and in good condition. The paint and accents are overall very fine. It is equipped with a brass era gas headlight. It is equipped with a period correct, antique wicker sidecar.

Summary Comments: This is a very attractive, well-constructed example of an antique British motorcycle. This specific vehicle has won numerous awards, displayed at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and raced in a vintage motorcycle event at Indianapolis!

This vehicle condition is rated #3 to #2, Very Good to Fine Condition.

(Condition code: #1 Excellent, #2 Fine, #3 Very Good, #4 Good/Fair, #5 Poor/Restorable, #6 Parts Car)

After careful evaluation of this vehicle and after consulting collector vehicle auction results, motorcycle experts, car collectors, independent auctions, reviewing I-VAN –International Vehicle Appraisers Network database and after consulting with other Professional Appraisers, museums and automotive experts (when necessary);

I appraise (estimate) this vehicle condition as in Very Good to Fine Condition and having an estimated cash value of approximately $25,000