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Synchroniser, four carbs, Carbtune

Why vibrate? Have the smoothest running twin carb bike in town. 
Synchronize your carburettors perfectly!
The Carbtune II is an innovative mechanical manometer which has the advantages of the mercury Carbtune, easy to read, accurate, simple, reliable, but has no mercury or liquids, is compact, easily transportable and very robust.
* Superior resolution to dial type gauges.
* Easily read scale.
* Comes complete with 4 x 5mm and 4 x 6mm adaptors and rubber hoses to fit virtually any bike.
* Stainless steel columns indicate vacuum.
* No calibration or set-up required
* High impact plastic casing and scale tubes. No Glass.
* Dampers supplied to reduce fluctuations.
* Clips on to handlebars for hands free operation.
* Full instructions.
Don't Forget the Padded Carrying Case

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