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334-01 Replica ARD Belt Driven Magneto Cover Kit
For All Triumph Unit Construction Twins

A blast from the past:

No Triumph flat tracker used to be complete without one of the classic ARD belt driven magnetos mounted down low in front of the cylinders. After years of scarcity, a kit is back in stock to duplicate this clean looking setup for competition or custom Triumph unit twins!

These replica cover kits are intended to completely replace the stock timing cover and ignition system when used with our 334-1278/R Reverse Rotation Joe Hunt Magneto, and include a polished timing cover and belt cover with allen bolts, a toothed belt, a pulley with tapered adaptor to fit the exhaust cam, and a pulley to fit the magneto shaft. Installation and setup is simple, and we will be happy to include two oilseals (70-4568), a circlip (70-4569) and a cover gasket (71-7263) at no charge, if requested. 

Please bear in mind that if you are running a 10 bolt T140 barrel and stock exhaust pipes, the mag hits the RH exhaust pipe. These are really intended for the earlier long rod 650 9 bolt engines, though pipes can be custom made or modified to suit, or it may be OK with some custom exhausts, it depends.

As with all our products, help or spare parts are only a phone call away if needed.

The only difference between the original ARD setup and our kit is the simplicity of the Hunt magneto, which eliminates the rotor and distributor cap used on the original for greater reliability and less moving parts.

Original ARD Magneto Setup
334-01Instructions (html)

334-1278/R Reverse Rotation Joe Hunt Magneto
(The three point mount plate is removed prior to installation on the 334-01 cover kit)
Joe Hunt Magneto Instructions (html)

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