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BCS Series 414
Engine Mounting Bolt, Stud And Nut Sets
(Most are pictured beneath the list)

414-EBS1, A7/10,pre1957         ST
414-EBS3, B31/32/33/34,1954on   ST
414-EBS4, A7/10,rigid&plunger   ST
414-EBS5, A50/65,pre1969        ST
414-EBS6, A50/65,1969/70        ST
414-EBS7, A50/65,oilframe       ST
414-EBS8, B25/50,oilframe       ST
414-EBS9, B50                   ST
414-EBS11, C15/B25/B40/B44,pre69 ST
414-EBS12, B25/B44,1969/70       ST
414-EBS14, unit350/500,pre1965   ST
414-EBS15, unit350/500,1965-68   ST
414-EBS16, unit350/500,1969      ST
414-EBS17, unit350/500,1970      ST
414-EBS18, T100C/T100R,71on      ST
414-EBS19, TR6/120,1963/64       ST
414-EBS20, TRI650,1965/66        ST
414-EBS21, TR6/120,1967/68       ST
414-EBS22, TR6/120,1969          ST
414-EBS23, TR6/120,1970          ST
414-EBS24, TR6/120/TR7/T140      ST
414-EBS25   USE 414-EBS24                      ea
414-EBS27, TRIpreunitSA,1954-59  ST
414-EBS28, TRI650,1960-62        ST
414-EBS29, Commando,pre75        ST
414-EBS30, Commando,MK3          ST
414-EBS31, Featherbed            ST












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