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Dial-a-Glide Adjustable Damping Rear Shocks

For those who are restoring, we have our Hagon and Girling replica range.

Dial-a-Glides are currently made in 12.9" to suit most Triumph and BSA Twins and Triples, and Preunit Singles as well as Norton Commando; more sizes are to come. These shocks offer four damping settings at the touch of a finger as well as three spring settings with multi rate chrome springs, and traditional black body.

Fitment details on our BCS #543-1282 12.9" Dial-a-Glide shocks fitted with 18/25/33 KG multi-rate springs and 10x24mm bushing sleeves (BCS #543-85):

The bushings fitted allow these shocks to work on all BSA swingarm model bikes (except pre oil-in-frame unit singles), on all Triumph models, on Panthers, and on Norton P11 model, as well as some models of AJS, Ariel, Dot, and Douglas.

To fit these shocks to all pre 1975 Commando models, 4 of 10x19mm bushing sleeves
(BCS #543-84) are required.

To fit these shocks on Mk3 Commando Electric Start models, 2 of 10x19mm bushing sleeves
(BCS #543-84) are required for the top.

To fit these shocks to all Norton Wideline Featherbed models or Norton Scrambler, 4 of 8x19mm bushing sleeves
(BCS #543-83) are required.


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