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Part Number 57-1370/B

This US made performance bushing set beats all others in performance and price. Fits all 4 speed Triumph 650.

Instead of a one piece bushing, it’s 2 pieces, pressed in to each end of the high gear. One end of each bushing has a lead with a slightly reduced diameter to help center the bushing as it’s being pressed in. Each bushing is 1.100” long so you have an effective bearing surface area of 2.200” inches.

When the bushings are pressed in flush to the end of the gear, a slight gap remains between the 2 bushings. This will create an area for oil to collect, which will help keep the bushing and shaft surfaces lubricated. The bushings are packaged and priced two to a pack.

U.S. Milled and Certified Bearing Bronze
Excellent Surface Finish
Tight Tolerances
Leads for Easy Installation