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Part Number 57-1362/D

Time to change your clutch plates? These are the best! Made in Italy.

Kit consists of:

Seven friction (driving) plates & one steel (Driven) plate in kit. (Use with six 57-1363 steel plates from old kit if in perfect condition, or purchase new ones)

This kit is the ultimate improvement to all Triumph and BSA three spring clutches, all Triumph twin cylinder four spring clutches, and all BSA four spring clutches except unit singles. (Pre 1966 A50/A65 twin cylinder models will require purchase of an extra 68-3221 plain steel plate as the 57-1363 plate in this kit is not compatible with this model.)

These plates will reduce problems of sticking, slipping, swelling, dragging and heavy operation. According to manufacturers, for most standard applications T120 springs (57-1830) can be used or T140 springs (57-4644) slackened off. We also have heavier springs on hand for high performance use if desired, but for easiest lever pull, we have found that for street use with standard engines, the 57-1560 springs used on 500cc engines works perfectly.

IMPORTANT: Before fitting, the condition of the other clutch parts should be checked carefully. Drive slots in both the chainwheel and the centre should be free of indent or notching. Steel plates (57-1363) refitted should be flat, free of scoring and damage to driving tags. All parts for these clutches are listed in the factory partslist for the bike, and available through BCS and BCS dealers. Alloy pressure plates and ball type pushrod adjusters are stocked for many models, too.

FITTING: Assembly should be carried out as described in the Workshop Manual. (Note: friction plate fitted first) Oil plates. After adjusting the pressure plate to run true, set the clutch pushrod clearance to 1.5mm as normal.