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Joe Hunt Magnetos


B.S.A. A50/A65 (Pre 1970) 334-1281- Increase the performance, reliability and looks of your BSA with this Joe Hunt BSA magneto kit. Available with polished cover at extra cost, upon request. Simply remove stock cover and points plate and install the Joe Hunt side cover. Outside mounting of the magneto makes for easy on the spot timing. The BSA Magneto is currently a special order item.

Triumph, BSA and Norton Pre-Unit Construction Type 334-1278 - The Joe Hunt completely self contained magneto replaces that worn troublesome stock ignition on your pre-unit. Remove stock ignition and insert magneto. 


Triumph 500/650 Unit Construction Type 334-1279 - Designed and engineered to increase power and RPM, prolong plug life and simplify tuning, This model is completely self contained. Just remove stock points cover and plate and install. 

Norton Twins with Right Hand Points - 334-1280

Example of #334-1280 on custom Commando, Image Source Here

Common Joe Hunt magneto parts are stocked. Some items are available on special order.

Magneto Installation Instructions (html)
Joe Hunt Diagram (pdf)