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Royal Enfield Bullet Owners and Workshop Manual CD

Part Number 150-53

This manual has been written with all possible Enfield Bullet owners in mind, from the brand new motorcyclist to the seasoned tuner/mechanic. It begins with starting drill and troubleshooting, (including push-starting) going through engaging first gear and moving off, halting, and changing gears. The author has done his best to cover all the possible questions of the complete neophyte motorcyclist, with particular attention paid to the specifics of the Enfield Bullet. The book goes from there all the way to the full intricacies of total repair and replacement - rebuilding of engine, gearbox, and chassis elements and even speed-tuning.

Fully Illustrated, For All Owners - From Beginner to Mechanic

Although all the text is completely original, the CD contains time-tested drawings and diagrams from previous factory manuals, supplemented by photographs where the author thought more clarification was required. This manual is comprised of almost 200 pages of all-new text. Written around the concept of the very well-known "Idiot's Guide To Volkswagen Repair," (although considerably less lyrical) the author concerned himself with providing a complete service and operation manual, of value to every owner, from the brand-new BAB (Born-Again Biker) to the already-competent mechanic in search of small bits of esoterica. And it will pay for itself the first time you use it - since the purchase price is less than a minimum hour of shoptime in most places!

You Too May Attain "Bulletsatvana!"

This is a divine state of grace in which you become totally comfortable with your Enfield Bullet in all conditions, and at all times. You don't have to be a mechanic to ride a classic motorcycle - even if you live close to a good shop, and can afford to have your machine worked on, it's still nice to know what's going on in there - whether "there" is the dark reaches of the rear regions of benchland, or inside your engine on a dark lonely road. Even if you don't intend to do a lot (or any) of your own work, doing some reading of this manual will help you become one with your Bullet! - to attain "Bulletsatvana."

How Can I Take It Into The Shop?

What? No computer in your shop? Well, no problem. You can read up on what you plan to do over a cup of tea in your warm and comfortable house/office, make some notes, and print out any pages or diagrams you think you'll need. No greasing up your service manuals - you can use the printouts for cleaning up the floor when you're through- there's plenty more where they came from!

This Deluxe Edition has scans of an original 1956-62 Redditch (England) instruction book.
Pages are intensively cross-linked - no leafing through pages looking for things as with a written book.
Compatible with PC or Mac.