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692 Series - Mikuni Carbs & Parts

Part Number        Description


When working with Mikuni Carbs, we recommend the Tuning Book and the 8-Piece Toolkit

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692-002350/A choke assy, arm operated, VM36-38 ST


692-002350/B      choke assy, arm operated, VM30-34             ST 692_002350b.jpg (9856 bytes)
692-002351        choke plunger assy, cable oper, VM30-44       ST  
692-01/30         carb set, Mikuni 30mm, Bonnie, etc.           PR
692-01/32         carb set, Mikuni 32mm, Bonnie, etc.           PR
692-01/34         carb set, Mikuni 34mm, Bonnie, etc.           PR
692_05_32.jpg (18786 bytes)
692-02/30         carb, Mikuni 30mm, TR6, etc.                  EA
692-02/32         carb, Mikuni 32mm, TR6, etc.                  EA
692-02/34         carb, Mikuni 34mm, TR6, etc.                  EA
692-03/34         carb, Mikuni 34mm, Nor.single carb            EA
692-03/36         carb, Mikuni 36mm, Nor.single carb            EA
692-03/38         carb, Mikuni 38mm, Nor.single carb            EA
692_02_30_001.jpg (12765 bytes) 692_02_30_002.jpg (13145 bytes)
692-04/26         carb set, Mikuni 26mm, Trident                ST
692-04/28         carb set, Mikuni 28mm, Trident                ST
692_04_28.jpg (26652 bytes)
692-05/32         carb set, Mikuni 32mm Commando, etc.          PR
692-05/34         carb set, Mikuni 34mm Commando, etc.          PR
692_05_32.jpg (18786 bytes)
692-06/34         carb set, Mikuni 34mm Vincent 1000            PR  
692-159P-2        jet, needle, Mikuni                           EA
692-159P-4        jet, needle, Mikuni                           EA
692-159P-6        jet, needle, Mikuni                           EA 692_159_p6.jpg (8253 bytes)
692-6DH3          needle, jet, Mikuni                           EA
692-6DH4          needle, jet, Mikuni                           EA
692-6DP17         needle, jet, Mikuni                           EA 692_6dp17.jpg (4534 bytes)
692-6FJ6          needle, jet, Mikuni                           EA  
692-B30/247       nut, cable adj.                               EA 692_b30_247.jpg (7046 bytes)
692-B34/52-0.5    washer, needle valve, Mikuni                  EA 692_b34_52_.5.jpg (4241 bytes)
692-BS3097/2.0    jet, air,#2                                   EA  
692-I-M22-10-3    adjuster, cable,angled                        EA 692_i_m22_10_3.jpg (9413 bytes)
692-M12F/46A      spring, air adj.screw, Mikuni                 EA  
692-M21/14        adjuster, cable, straight, std.               EA 692_m21_14.jpg (8683 bytes)
692-VM20/214      screw, air adj, Mikuni                        EA 692_vm20_214.jpg (5310 bytes)
692-VM20/369      clip, jet needle                              EA 692_vm20_369.jpg (2012 bytes)
692-VM22/18       cap, rubber, thr.cable, angled                EA 692_vm22_18.jpg (5074 bytes)
692-VM22210/25    jet, pilot, #25                               EA
692-VM22210/35    jet, pilot, #35                               EA
692-VM22210/40    jet, pilot, #40                               EA
692-VM22210/45    jet, pilot, #45                               EA
692-VM22210/50    jet, pilot, #50                               EA
692-VM26/26       needle & seat, Mikuni, 26-28mm(1.5)           EA
692-VM26/46       cap, rubber, thr.cable, straight              EA 692_vm26_46.jpg (4487 bytes)
692-VM28/256      adjuster, cable, straight, long               EA
692-VM32/65       slide, 2.5, Mikuni                            EA
692-VM34/110      slide, 2.5, Mikuni                            EA
692-VM34/114      baffle plate, Mikuni                          EA
692-VM34/27       top cap, carb, 30-34mm Mikuni                 EA 692_vm34_27_001.jpg (10900 bytes) 692_vm34_27_002.jpg (8288 bytes)
692-VM34/30       gask, floatbowl, 30-34mm Mikuni               EA 692_vm34_30.jpg (6201 bytes)
692-VM34/36       float, plastic, Mikuni                        EA  
692-VM34/39       needle & seat, Mikuni, 30-38mm (3.3)          EA 692_vm34_39.jpg (5674 bytes)
692-VM34/68       floatbowl, VM34                               EA
692-VM36/07       floatbowl, VM36                               EA
692-VM36/17       ring, mainjet, Mikuni                         EA
692-VM36/20       gask, floatbowl, 36-38mm Mikuni               EA 692_vm36_20.jpg (7532 bytes)