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Lucas Colour-Coded PVC Wire

345-5500 Series

This high quality USA-made multistrand 16GA wire is identical to that used on British bikes, and now, with our full range of LUCAR spade and bullet connectors, both male and female, and grommets, fuseholders, bulbholders, etc., all listed under the original Lucas numbers, it is possible for restorers and repair shops to make up or repair factory wiring harnesses for only a small investment.

We also supply a bullet crimping tool for quick, efficient assembly of connectors to this wire, under BCS number #221-37.

Part Number  Description
345-5500     WIRE, 16GA, RED          100FT.
345-5501     WIRE, 16GA, BROWN        100FT.
345-5502     WIRE, 16GA, BLUE         100FT.
345-5503     WIRE, 16GA, WHITE        100FT.
345-5510     WIRE, 16GA, BROWN/GREEN  100FT.
345-5511     WIRE, 16GA, BROWN/BLUE   100FT.
345-5512     WIRE, 16GA, BLACK/WHITE  100FT.
345-5513     WIRE, 16GA, BLACK/YELLOW 100FT.
345-5514     WIRE, 16GA, GREEN/WHITE  100FT.
345-5515     WIRE, 16GA, GREEN/YELLOW 100FT.
345-5516     WIRE, 16GA, BROWN/WHITE  100FT.
345-5517     WIRE, 16GA, BROWN/BLACK  100FT.
345-5518     WIRE, 16GA, BLUE/RED     100FT.
345-5519     WIRE, 16GA, BLUE/WHITE   100FT.
345-5520     WIRE, 16GA, BLACK        100FT.
345-5521     WIRE, 16GA, RED/BLACK    100FT.
345-5522     WIRE, 16GA, GREEN/BLACK  100FT.

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