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SOLD 02/18/2010

For sale:1962 pre-unit Triumph Bonneville basket case.

I am offering up my highly desirable 1962 pre-unit Triumph Bonneville. The bike is a basket case and was on the way to being restored when I bought it. Have paperwork. The frame and engine numbers match. Original frame has been mildly chopped (not by me!) but the stearing head is intact. An extra frame comes with the basket. Engine and GB are complete but needs a tear-down and rebuild. Comes with 9-stud head which has new valve guides. Includes a large basket of new and used parts including original Lucas horn, switches, beautiful K2F Magneto refurbed, brand new clutch plates, wiring loom, speedo/tach cables, Smiths tach and speedo, shocks, fork top nuts, a load of fasteners, etc. Haven't done a complete inventory but obvious missing bits are mudguards, seat, head lamp bucket and light, chain guard, handlebars, levers- all easy to source locally at British Cycle Supply. This is a great restoration project and you would end up with a very valuable vintage motorcycle. The parts alone in this basket are worth more than I am asking but I want to see this bike on the road!