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Congratulations on your web site. I was amazed at the parts you have available.

I will be passing your site on to friends at my local motorcycle club especially to the guys with Triumphs and BSAs as it looks like you have a lot of gear available.

- Andrew, Essendon Australia

New Arrivals & Just Catalogued Items

Hagon Twin and Mono Shocks now available for all makes, models and years. Special ordered for your needs and to your specifications.

Jan 2018 - Another shipment of the famous SUDCO Mikuni carb conversions and parts just arrived at our US warehouse!
Jan 2018 - Big shipment of UK made Tony Hayward alloy belt drive kits and spare poly belts just in for Triumph/BSA twins and triples and Norton twins!
Jan 2018 - More simple and robust TriSpark ignitions just in for Norton, Triumph and BSA twins and TriBSA triples, pricing held.  
Jan 2018 - Just in, truck shipment of 100% US made copper core plug wire sets tailor made for British bikes. Super quality at a low price.
Jan 2018 - Yet more DynoDave Norton Mk3 heavy duty starter motors and low resistance starter wires, just in, pricing held.
January 2018 - We only have a few 2018 NOC Calendars left. 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Norton Commando model so the Norton Owners Club has produced a special anniversary edition of their calendar.
January 2018 - NEW OLD STOCK BSA 500/650 SIDEPANELS - These have never been on a motorcycle, but have by now been stored in various warehouses for close to 50 years, so it is best to assume you will want to repaint before use.
December 2017 - 345-04 - PLUG WIRES, 7MM BLACK WIRE, BLACK CAP, RESISTOR, 10"
December 2017 - 391-54522680 - Genuine Lucas 7 Inch Headlight Lense/Reflector
December 2017 - Just into our Loring warehouse: More classic Triumph calendars and big shipment of genuine Lucas lightbulbs, including the standard tungsten type 50/40Watt prefocus headlight bulb.

Many other Lucas items just in, as well as male and female bullet connectors, master cylinder and caliper seal kits and hoses for Triumph and Norton, and taper bearing conversions to replace the old cup and cone steering head bearings used on pre-oil frame swingarm frame Triumph 650 as well as 1967 and later Triumph 500, now with improved one piece cups!
December 2017 - Just in another large shipment of illustrated factory partsbooks, service manuals, service bulletins and more on from Australia on DVD: one disc for Triumph, one for Norton, and one for BSA.

We also sell CDs containing partsbooks and service manuals for Ariel, Royal Enfield, AJS/Matchless as well as an incredibly useful one with Vincent, Velocette, Lucas, Amal, Girling, Smith, Renolds Chain and more, on a single disc.

Not all of this invaluable literature is available on the Internet for download, and you can spend days hunting for incomplete information instead of having comprehensive collections at your fingertips, ready for printing or accessing on your computer any time you wish. A must for dealers, repair shops, restorers, owners, and enthusiasts !!!!

November 2017 - The EasyCap is a modern surface-mount multi-layer ceramic capacitor carried by a specially-designed mounting plate in the form of a double-sided circuit board.

A great and inexpensive upgrade for your Lucas magneto, bypasses old and leaky original integral capacitor to save you an armature rebuild!
November 2017 - Custom Stainless Electrical Boxes - Available smooth or louvered.
November 2017 - Dyno Dave Starter Motors Norton Mk3 owners still running the stock weak Prestolite starter will be happy to know yet another batch of Dyno Dave high power starter motors for these bikes with gear reduction and twin sealed bearings has just arrived at the BCS Loring warehouse along with more Super Duty low resistance starter wire sets.

These are a REAL starter, not an "electrical assist" really intended for use in an outboard motor like the original piece of junk! Drop in installation, comes complete with the big oring.
November 2017 - New product: 12-1018/ER COMMANDO KICKSTART CRANK ASSEMBLY, MKIII ES 1975 TYPE, ECONO. This kick start crank will swing out further to miss the muffler. Fits all commandos.
November 2017 - New batch of good quality 8 pc. combo Rolson wrench sets just in, BSW sizes, a must for every British cycle owner’s toolbox!!
November 2017 - Mastercylinder Assemblies - Front (60-4102/SS) and Rear (60-4401/SS). Rebuild kits also available!
November 2017 - 83-0035 - LUG, CAST, SIDESTAND, WELD ON, 1", REPLACEMENT. This stand pivot lug is designed to use the 83-1560 stand as used on 1968 on Triumph twins, all Triumph/BSA triples, and on 1971 and later BSA twins, which can be supplied by BCS along with the correct bolt, nut, and spring if required.
November 2017 - 70-9550/9551 - MANIFOLDS, INTAKE, UNC, WITH NUTS, As fitted to T120 Bonneville heads with threaded intake ports, from 1969 onwards.
November 2017 - More reliable Koken Whitworth socket sets just in. Part #221-25/D, SOCKET SET, BSW, EIGHT PIECE, SIX POINT. Other sets also available.
November 2017 - Just into our Loring warehouse: Unit 500 gearbox camplates with reinforcing bar, Lucas bulbs and parts as well as high quality US made annealed copper sealing washers 70-2441 and primary adjuster plug fibre washers 57-1738, both for Triumph.
November 2017 - 341-05 - Universal Hi/Low Beam, Horn, and Signal Switch
November 2017 - Back in stock: British made polished stainless steel handlebars, in ten different factory Triumph, BSA, and Norton stock styles, as well as flat bars.

Never replace another set of rusty handlebars - these will look like new for hundreds of years! (Your grandkids will thank you!) - Mark Appleton, owner and partsman.

42-4968/SS BARS, BSA, A65 USA, 67-71, STAINLESS
97-7041/SS BARS, T140, UK, STAINLESS 
97-7205/SS BARS, T140, US, 8" RISE, STAINLESS
October 2017 - 745-01 - CONVERSION, CLAMPON EXHAUST, T140 TYPE, PAIR

Back in stock, new batch of US made BCS # 745-01 steel exhaust port adaptors to get rid of the leaky “push-in” pipe system used on the late model TR6/T120 and early TR7/T140 models to the much better “clamp-on” system. With these adaptors and a set of the correct finned clips (also in stock), you have a wide choice of stock and custom pipes, and a secure exhaust system!
Sept 2017 - 335-02/A - 12N94B-1 Type Sealed 12 Volt Kickstart Battery
Sept 2017 - 546-92 - New product: DAMPER ROD KIT, EDDIE DOW, BSA
Sept 2017 - New batch of Belt Buckles just in, lots of neat designs, including BSA, Triumph, and Norton.
Sept 2017 - Just received at Loring: tons of UK made exhaust pipes, mufflers, stainless steel handlebars, centrestands, and a new product: Eddie Dow type double damping fork rod kits.
Sept 2017 - 06-5459/C - Mount, Top Head Steady, Dave Taylor Type, With Spring
Sept 2017 - Jagg Oil Coolers - Originally designed for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the Jagg cooler is excellent for British bike riders who demand exceptional performance and an unencumbered appearance designed to complement the style of the motorcycle, as well as keep the engine oil at optimum temperature.
August 2017 - Another large Emgo shipment has arrived at Loring consisting of backorders including the long awaited long kickstart crank assy for 500 unit Triumph, 57-3797/ER. Short kick lever #57-1485 also available.
August 2017 - Just in, more US made Megacycle 510-05 'drop-in' performance cams for Triumph 650/750 twins. BCS part number 463-51000.
August 2017 - Now in stock, replacement shock absorber bushings in all sizes to fit Hagon and Girling shocks!
August 2017 - We can supply original equipment brand RENOLD Chain for just about every British application. Single row, dual row, triplex, for ignition, camshaft, primary, or rear drive in any length required. Plus we have rivet and clip type master links, and cranked links. If you are not sure how long a chain is required, we can sell a slightly longer size and a chain breaker tool, also in stock.
August 2017 - We are long term distributors of the world famous SUDCO MIKUNI CONVERSIONS and have just received a large shipment at our warehouse at Loring of carbs, parts, and accessories.

In addition to the full range we stock of their kits and components for classic British cycles, anything in the SUDCO catalogue is available through us on a special order basis if not stocked by us!
August 2017 - Another batch of highest quality 100% British made original equipment brake hoses for Triumph and Norton disc brakes just received at our Loring warehouse. Best for originality and price, but for extra braking performance and durability, we also carry a full range of UK made Goodridge hose kits and components, 100% stainless steel.
August 2017 - This weeks shipment to our warehouse from the Hagon factory had an unusual set consisting of 5 shock absorbers for one motorcycle: front, rear, and sidecar shocks for a Ural sidecar rig! Hagon, the widest range of shocks anywhere, with great quality, price, delivery and 100% British made!
August 2017 - More genuine AMAL carbs and parts just in! Except for the temporarily backordered LH 30mm Premiers, we have stock on just about everything AMAL makes, from 276 to Mk2 including Vincent Rapide sets, chopped Monoblocs, Matchbox floatbowls, and repair parts for them all!!!
August 2017 - Just in, new shipment of Tri-Spark ignitions from Australia for British twins and triples.

This is the only system made with individually firing ignition coils for Triumph/BSA triples so the stock coils can be retained if desired, or we can supply high output coils that look and fit like original.

The twin cylinder kits all have onboard electronics so require no remote amplifier, and this feature is now also available as an option for the triples!
August 2017 - Just in new batch of oil and air filters and copper head gaskets for Triumph, Norton, and BSA by the original factory subcontractor in England, for those that want original equipment on their bikes.
July 2017 - 721-T109 - XPIPES, TRI500 HIGH, 1 EA.SIDE
July 2017 - 335-06 - BATTERY, 6N113A, LATE STYLE 6V
July 2017 - More Joe Hunt performance magnetos and parts just arrived. The simplest and most reliable ignition, particularly good for ground up custom bikes and to replace original Lucas and BTH magnetos on preunit models.
July 2017 - Just in, more of the magneto caps with manual advance and retard lever, for Joe Hunt magnetos! Easier starting for Joe Hunt equipped bikes. Two versions stocked by us to handle both rotations.

The Magneto Onboard Retard kit is a revolutionary device which aids starting by retarding the timing on fixed-position magnetos, helping to turn the infamous kick-backs and spit-backs into starts. When the cap-mounted lever is flipped, the points "shift" 10 degrees, retarding your timing 20 degrees for starting. The lever is then locked in the advanced position by a rare-earth magnet.

The complete kit consists of a new clear Lexan cap, cork cap gasket, a set of points, condenser, and the actuating pieces themselves.