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1975 Triumph T160 Trident

Sold 07/27/2020

1975 Triumph T160 Trident
Price: $6,900
Mileage: 10,367
Condition: Excellent

I bought this bike in 2010, from the original owner. He had the engine gone over in Denver at 7,500 miles, upper and lower end. I took it completely down and restored it. The frame, oil tank, and tool cover are powder coated. The fenders were chrome, I had them painted to match the tank. I put an electronic ignition on it. I replaced the wiring harness and have had no electrical problems. Last year I put three new Amal carbs on and it runs really smooth and strong. Most of the miles are short trips around western Colorado and runs to town. It has been kept in my garage since I bought it. I have the original owner's manual and parts book that came with it.