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1970 Triumph TR6C

Sold 08/03/2012

1970 TR6c

I restored this machine starting with the original frame and engine. Everything needed to be redone. Front end, suspension, swing arm, wheel bearings, brakes, new carb, new chain guard, new seat, new exhaust, new wire harness..many new transmission parts, new oil pump, clutch..on and on..all supported with receipts. the total ran up to 8700. I bought it as a basket case and I became obsessed with this over a period of 7 years.

I tried to duplicate the original paint scheme, which was called "Spring Gold". It runs well. I ran it only a few times per season. Last two seasons..not at all, so I've decided to sell it. You may have seen the ad on kijiji. I had to delete it, because someone was trying to hack into my computer via the kijiji site. Also, I have reduced the price for a quick sale.