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Setrab Oil Coolers

#641-06 - Vertical Mount Cooler (mounts with two tabs)
8" long, 2" wide, 1-1/4" thick, with 3/8" O.D. spigots

#641-07 - Horizontal Mount Cooler (mounts with two metric M6x1 bolts)
8" long, 2" wide, 1-1/4" thick, with 3/8" O.D. spigots

Originally designed for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the Setrab/Jagg cooler is excellent for British bike riders who demand exceptional performance and an unencumbered appearance designed to complement the style of the motorcycle, as well as keep the engine oil at optimum temperature.

The BCS #641-06 vertical cooler mounts to a frame down-tube, spaced away from the frame to allow airflow to both the oil cooler and engine's cylinders. The cooler is mounted to the frame using unique, highly durable, mounts which have a shock absorbing effect and clean styling.

The BCS #641-07 horizontal cooler is designed to mount either at the front of the fuel tank, similarly to the original Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket 3, or to mount low in front of the engine, depending on the application. Two metric M6x1 threaded holes allow fitment of a variety of brackets for custom mounting this versatile cooler in many different positions.

These cooler are an ideal method of prolonging the life of a British bike that is operated under high temperature or high load conditions, especially in conjunction with a one of the oilfilter kits available from British Cycle Supply, and regular oil changes.


Bypass Valves

BCS carries both automatic and manual bypass valves for use with Setrab/Jagg oilcoolers.

BCS Hose

BCS sells three types of 3/8" hose for oil coolers.

624-07 -- hose, 3/8" steelbraid, 6Ft.
624-54 -- hose, 3/8" black rubber, sold by the foot
624-35 -- hose, 3/8" herringbone braided rubber, sold by the foot

Frame Tube Clamps

Designed to mount oil coolers firmly while also isolating from vibration, these frame tube clamps are also great for mounting anything on tubular frames. Sold individually with nut & bolt. For use with vertical mount cooler #641-06.

1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" & 1-1/2" clamps available.

Triumph/BSA twin cylinder oil-in-frame downtubes = 1-1/4"
Pre 1971 BSA twin cylinder downtubes = 1-1/8"
Norton Commando downtubes = 1"
BCS 544-Series custom frames have 1" downtubes
Triumph 650 pre oil-in-frame front downtube = 1.645"
Triumph 500 unit frame downtube = 1.645"