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Product Number 900-101


This is a piece of history, the only brand new BSA motorcycle I am aware of to be imported into Canada since 1972 when the BSA empire collapsed.

Manufactured by BSA-Regal in Southampton, this was supplied to us to ensure they still had an official and functioning BSA distributor in Canada, part of their keeping the trademark active worldwide and valid until they sold it to Mahindra recently for an immense sum.

This machine has been in our showroom since January 2000 and has never been started since leaving the factory. The finishing touch for a BSA collection!

BSA Minibike - 50 cc - 10" Wheels
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BSA John McLaren
50cc Automatic Competition Style Motorcycle
Age Range: Four upwards


Engine: 49.8cc, 39mm Bore - 41.7mm Stroke
Ignition: Electronic Magneto Flywheel
Transmission: Automatic Single Speed Centrifugal Clutch In Oil Bath
Frame: Tublar Steel Inert Gas Welded
10 Inch Wire Spoke Fitted With 250-10 Tryres
12 Inch Wire Spoke Fitted With 275/300-12 tyres
Brakes: Drum - Front And Rear
Front - E.B.R. "Upside Down" Telescopic Forks
Rear - I.M.C.A. Monoshock
Chain: 1/2 Inch x 3/16 Inch Pitch x 92L
Spark Plug: Bosch RO571
Fuel Capacity: 2.3L
Dimensions and Weight:
Length: 1,270mm
Width (Handlebar): 570mm
Height: 750mm
Height Of Seat: 560mm (Mean) variable 25mm - 10" Wheels
Height Of Seat: 610mm (Mean) variable 25mm - 12" Wheels
Weight: 34Kg