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511 Series - Standard BSA Seats

Part Number           Description                                          Sold As


511-40-9035 - SEAT, BSA C15, SS80, B40
511-04          BSA single, Catalina Scrambler 511_04_002_sm.jpg (33745 bytes)
511-300         SEAT, EARLY A7/10, GOLD STAR (NARROW)        EA
511300top.jpg (9121 bytes)
511-300/A       SEAT, EARLY A7/10, GS, LEIGHTON (NARROW)     EA 511300A001.jpg (7296 bytes)
511-300/ER      SEAT, EARLY A7/10, GOLD STAR, ECON           EA  
511-301         SEAT, PRE 66 A50/65, FLAT                    EA
511-301/A       SEAT, PRE 66 A50/65, FLAT, LEIGHTON          EA
511301.htm_txt_511301A001.gif (138730 bytes)
511-302         SEAT, 71 BSA TWIN, USA, SMOOTH               EA 511302001.jpg (4921 bytes)
511-305         SEAT, B25/50T&SS,71ON                        EA 511305001.jpg (6742 bytes)
511-306         SEAT, BSA B25/B44 W/HUMP                     EA  
511-306/A       SEAT, BSA B25/B44 W/HUMP, LEIGHTON           EA 511306A001.jpg (6161 bytes)
511-307         SEAT, LATE A10SR&RGS, WIDE                   EA 511307003.jpg (4910 bytes)
511-307/A       SEAT, LATE A10SR&RGS, WIDE, LEIGHTON         EA 511307A006.jpg (13725 bytes)
511-307/ER      SEAT, LATE A10SR&RGS, WIDE, ECONO            EA  
511-364         SEAT, PRE71BSA TWIN, W/HUMP                  EA 511364001.jpg (5773 bytes)
511-364/A       SEAT, PRE71BSA TWIN, W/HUMP, LEIGHTON        EA 511364A001.jpg (7405 bytes)
511-364/B - Chrome Seat Trim for “Hump“ Style BSA A50/A65 Seats
511-364/ER      SEAT, PRE71BSA TWIN, W/HUMP, ECON            EA  
511-365         SEAT, BSA TWIN, USA, 72, QUILTED             EA 511365001.jpg (8218 bytes)
511-828942      SEAT, A75, PRE71, FOR UKTANK                 EA
511828942001.jpg (6847 bytes)
511-832746      SEAT, B50MX, SHORT                           EA
511832746001.jpg (7110 bytes)
511-833438      SEAT, A75 UK, 71ON, FLAT TOP                 EA
511833438001.jpg (5511 bytes)
511-833853      SEAT, A75, 71ON US, WITH HUMP                EA
511_833853_004_sm.jpg (22991 bytes)

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