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Finned Rocker Inspection Caps, Barnett

Part Number 71-2744/A

For Triumph Unit 350/500, & Unit 650's before engine #XG42304 (9 bolt heads).
Use with fiber washer #70-3751 or O-ring #70-8782.

High quality polished alloy, made in the USA.

Other options available from British Cycle Supply:

71-2744   Cap, Rocker Insp, Slotted                  - EACH
71-2744/B Cap, Rocker Insp, Slotted, Billet Alloy    - EACH
71-2744/C Cap, Rocker Insp, Slotted, Econo           - EACH

71-2744/A Caps, Rocker Insp, Finned, Barnett, Alloy  - SET (pictured below)
71-2744/D Caps, Rocker Insp, Allen Key, Starburst    - SET
71-2744/E Caps, Rocker Insp, Allen Key, Alloy        - SET
71-2744/F Caps, Rocker Insp, Allen Key, Brass        - SET
71-2744/G Caps, Rocker Insp, Finned, Thin, Alloy     - SET